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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Garrett's 10th Birthday

This past December we celebrated Garrett's 10th birthday.  The 10-year mark was MUCH harder than I even imagined it would be.  Ten-year, an entire decade; does not seem possible it has been that long. 

That day was a very busy day for us!  His birthday fell on a Saturday this year and thanks to a very understanding boss, I was able to get the day off work again this year.  That morning started bright and early by going to see Summer run in her very first 5K race!!  She participated in a program after school called Girls on the Run!  It was an awesome opportunity for her.  A family friend was kind enough to be Summer's running buddy that day as well. 

After the race, the kids attended our annual Christmas parade here in town.

I also did something that day I never imagined I would have the strength to do on such an emotional day; I attended the funeral for a son of a friend.    She has been such a great friend and supporter since even before Garrett was born, and I wanted to offer my support to her as well.  The service was beautiful and it was so good to see her again and so many of our former co-workers. 

That evening we had our annual spaghetti dinner and cheesecake for dessert and then made gingerbread houses.


I usually decorate Garrett's Christmas tree that night, but I did it a couple of weeks prior. 

Here is a pictures, along with the new ornament I bought for it this year. 

Thanks to everyone who called, texted or emailed that day.  It means a lot for others to remember him, even after all these years.  <3 br="">