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Monday, June 16, 2014

18 years and 1 week ago today....

18 years and one week ago today, I graduated from high school.  And just the sound of that makes me feel old!  During my senior year I took only the classes I had to; I couldn't wait to get out of high school and into the real world.  I was tired of papers, projects and tests.

At that time, we were the largest class to graduate from those halls; the first class in many years who's graduation was held inside the gym due to rain and not out on the football field like so many years before.  We all couldn't wait to go to collage, start working, and be adults! 

But once high school was done, I wanted to go back.  I missed the days where homework and what color prom dress was my biggest worry.  I wished I had stuck it out and took band my senior year; I regretted letting my minor tennis injury sideline me my last year on the tennis team. I missed my lab partners in advanced biology and the cows we had to study! 

I wasn't very popular in high school but I did have a small circle of friends.  Sadly many of us lost touch over the years.  But thanks to social media it is now much easier to to keep up with everyone!
Since joining Facebook about 7 years ago I have enjoyed seeing who still lives in my home town; seeing who moved away but were eventually drawn back to the familiar place they grew up in. It is fun to see who married whom; who has kids and how many.  It warms my heart to see everyone offer notes of cheer and congratulations when someone posts about a new job, a new child/niece/nephew/grandchild or a marriage! 

Sadly our class is also not immune to tragedy either. We have lost beloved teachers to aggressive cancers; classmates to accidents and illness's. We have offered support, prayer and condolences when classmates battle chronic illness or have lost family and friends; parents and grandparents; and sadly some have even lost spouses and children of their own. 

So almost two decades later I am still proud to be part of the class of '96! For those I am friend with here on Facebook, thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your lives with everyone.  I have truly enjoyed following your journey thru life.