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Thursday, May 29, 2014

A very big honor....

About 7 years ago Sami started her educational career.  She started late in the school year in an ESE preschool due being socially and emotionally delayed. After all, she had a rough start to life, born 6 week early with a rare genetic skin condition.  We almost lost her twice due to infection.  Then at 11 months she was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis.  She didn't walk until age 2 and didn't talk until age 3.  She was excited about school; we hoped she would start to catch up.  After a couple of month she was a different child.  And school thought she was ready for kindergarten already.  But we were nervous; she has a late summer birthday and would start kindergarten at age 4 almost 5.  I wanted to wait until she was 5 almost 6 but school insisted she was ready.  So two weeks before her 5th birthday she went off to kindergarten!  She did very well and was transformed into a new child!  Her entire time in Elementary school was a positive experience.  She had GREAT teachers who not only educated her but also loved her and help shape her into the person she is today.  And we will be forever grateful for them!  

Here is a collections of photos of her over the years:-)

Last fall she started her first year of middle school. New teachers, new friends, harder classes. New people to educate about EB and her spine issue.  It took a while to get into a new routine of bed time, getting up and ready for school (on time!), homework, projects and tests.  It didn't take her too long to get social life and a GREAT group of new friends!!

She made A/B honor roll the very first semester in middle school!!  Her end of year school project was one of 45 out of 400+ students to be chosen to be voted upon my the mayor and members of work at city hall.  Of those 45 she won the top honor- the mayors choice award!!

There were many days she would wake up and her back would hurt so bad she couldn't even move.  But she would push thru and make it to school on time and stayed all day.  She also missed very few days due to illness or pain.

Well, tonight was a culmination of her hard work and dedication. Tonight Sami was accepted into her school's National Junior Honors Society!  Assuming her grades don't drastically change in the next week, she will end her first year of middle school with a 3.875 GPA!  We are so VERY PROUD of her!!!