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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Garrett's Tree

On Garrett's first birthday instead of planning a birthday party like I should have been, I decorated a small Christmas tree with "Garrett" themed ornaments- cowboy items, butterflies and angels.  Every year since then, I would buy an ornament to add onto my collection for his tree.  And every year around his birthday I would get out and decorate his tree. 

For the past two years I never actually put away his tree!  It stayed up, decorated in our bedroom.  I wanted to enjoy it year round not just for 4-5 weeks out of the year.  This year I decided to do something a little different.  Many of his ornaments are breakable and since we have a toddler and cats, if I want those ornaments to stay in one piece, they remain in the box until the year when its 'safe' to hang them again. 

In the past I had done blue lights on the tree but this years I wanted to do something different.  Today I got strands of clear lights and a strand of red lights plus some shatter proof green, red and white ornaments.  After work I cleaned up the tree a bit, hung the lights, new ornaments and some of the non-breakable ones from the past and decorated Garrett's tree.  His birthday is on Friday December 6th and he will be turning 9 years old in Heaven this year.  For those new to my blog, we celebrate his birthday the same way each year and this year will be no different!  I will blog sometime over the weekend, with pictures included so you can see how we celebrated!  If you have not read Garrett's story yet, you can find it here!

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