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Friday, August 23, 2013


I always enjoyed turning one year old until the year I turned 20 then I didn't like it anymore.  Not sure what is was about '20'.  Maybe because I wasn't a teenager anymore; maybe because I always imagined I'd be married by 21 and I wasn't even dating anyone at the time. Maybe it was because my best friend had just gotten married and moved half way around the world. Whatever the reason I just wanted to skip that birthday. So another friend and I went on vacation to San Diego over my birthday!!! It was an awesome vacation; one of the best I have been on!

My 21st birthday was the best ever ( who's isn't???) :-)

And after that the birthday's seem to come quicker every year; some where better than others.  I had my first child two weeks after my 25th birthday, I went thru hurricane Charley on my 27th birthday. Spent my 32nd birthday in the hospital! 

Once I hit 34 i was not looking forward to turning 35.  I grumbled about it a little bit and more than one person told me I should be grateful to be 35 because they knew somebody would would never turn 35 because they were taken from this world too soon.  And I *knew* i was lucky but I think that is something that doesn't sink in until you personally know someone in that situation.  

Last week Tuesday I celebrated my 36th birthday. Instead of looking at it as turning one year older, I chose to look at it as another year of winning the fight against EB and what ever auto-immune disorder I may have; another year to celebrate being married to my husband; another year to see my kids grow up!

Its been a sad year for my high school classmates.  One classmate died of cancer at the age of 35; leaving behind a husband and two young children.  Then last month the husband of another classmate died suddenly in a tragic accident at the age of 34 also leaving behind his wife and two young children.  I know they both would been thankful to turn 36.  

Then next week Tuesday my friend Jamie will be celebrating her 36th birthday as well. She too has fought EB for 36 years as well as cancer for the past few years. Sadly the cancer is wining and the harsh reality is that this will likely be her last birthday here on this Earth.  There are no words on how incredibly sad that makes me:-(  I hope that is not the case and she has many more birthday because I don't think her work here on Earth is done yet :-)

So I challenge everyone to find the positive things about getting a year older this year!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Update on Sami

Its been a little over a week since Sami had her back surgery.  I am happy to report she is doing great!!  She is back to her normal self.

Her wounds are healing nicely and has less and less pain each day.

She starts swimming lessons tomorrow and school starts in two weeks!! She is looking forward to getting her class schedule and meeting her teachers.

Thanks again for all your prayers and positive thoughts for her!