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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Off to middle school she goes!

Sami's last week of elementary school was a busy one! 

She had a great year this year and was involved in many activities. She was in the school chorus, art club, safety patrol, helped out one day a week in the Pre-K classroom. 

She also completed her 5th year in girl scouts and she also made honor roll again!

The day before the last day of school was the 5th awards assemble.  In all she earned 10 awards/certificate of completion/participation!  Here she is as a 5th grade graudate!

The last day of school was the 5th grade dance.  Think prom 5th grade style.  The theme was Red Carpet.  It turned out nice.

Here is Sami in her dress for the dance. She wasn't happy I took the picture :-)

The entire 5th grade voted on class superlative awards.  Check out what her classmates voted her as:)

She had an awesome year and is excited to be going into middle school in the fall. 

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