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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Class of 2020

We have been busy with end of year stuff at school.  Only 2 more week until summer vacation.  All three have had lots of special events at school so far this month and we have even more over the next two weeks.   I need to take Sami dress shopping for not one but two new dresses- one for the awards ceremony and the other for the 5th grade dance (a 5th grade version of the prom)

Grace's pre-k graduation is next week and the school talent show too.

This week Sami went to visit the middle school and we went back that evening for parent orientation.  A lot of things to figure out with Sami's health issues and the 82-yr old two story school.  It is going to be a big adjustment for her.  And while we were at the meeting we learned something I wasn't expecting...we are now the parents of a member of the class of 2020!?!?!?

I will leave you with some random picture while you ponder how that is even possible:)