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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tid Bits from Today

Joey woke up at 8am very grumpy:(

He and I went to to dollar store to pick out something small to contribute to Gracie's East Egg Hunt in Pre-K tomorrow. 

Joey was very naughty today and had FOUR time-outs in his bed:(  I hope this doesn't continue. 

I did 4 loads of laundry and I am still not done:/

Everything is all packed for Joey's surgery tomorrow: a normal diaper bag, a g-tube supply bag and a wound care supply bag.  You'd think we were going on vacation!  

We had sweet and sour chicken w/ rice and corn for dinner

The girls went to bed late but that happens sometimes especially with the time change. 

It was so warm by mid afternoon (89 degrees) I had to turn the A/C on:(  I don't like having to turn the A/C in March.  But my friends up north keep getting snow, so we'll keep the hot weather even in March:)

I hope to get some sleep tonight.  We have to leave by 5:30am:(

I will update on some point tomorrow after his surgery.  Hopefully it goes well and he can go home the same day!