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Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Joey!

Today Joey turns 2 years old!

Here he is when he was just 1 day old

And here he is today!

Fun Facts about Joey:

Weight: 25 pounds
Height: 35-36"

Favorite TV Characters: Elmo, SpongeBob, Mickey Mouse

Favorite Foods: Cheese, yogurt, chips

Favorite Sister: Summer (don't tell the others)

Joey loves to play outside, swing, color, and make lots and lots of messes!  He loves to take a bath and play with bubbles.  He hates to wear socks and takes his blankie everywhere he goes!  He has blonde hair and blue/green/brownish eyes (they seems to change throughout the day!)  He can say over 100 words and can walk up and down steps without help.

For those new to my blog; you can read about his 1st Birthday here ; and his birthday story here

His party is tomorrow and I will post pictures of that hopefully on Sunday!

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