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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 18th

To some people today is just an ordinary day; a week before Christmas.  But for us it's the anniversary of the last time we held our baby boy, Garrett James.  Today it's been 8 years since he took is last breath; 8 years since ours lives were changed forever; 8 years since our hearts were broken.  

In the past 8 years I have learned:

- that time does NOT heal all wounds

- who my true family and friends are

-hearing of the death of another child is incredibly heartbreaking (needless to say this week in particular has been vary hard to comprehend)

Even after 8 years I still remember:

-the exact words from the doctor that he was gone

-the conversations I had with friends and family when I called to tell them the news

-planning his funeral

-all the people who came to his funeral

And ever since that day 8 years ago I /we

- still celebrate his birthday every year

-still wonder what life would be like had he lived

-tear up when I hear/see an emergency vehicle with their lights/sirens on


In loving memory: 
Garrett James
December 6, 2004 ~ December 18, 2004

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