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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rough Week

Last week was a very, very rough week...

For those that read my blog you may remember I mentioned Joey was sick again.  The next morning when I was changing his bandages I noticed his tummy was so swollen his g-tube was popping out; he was also working really hard to breath.  So it was off to the ER we go.  10 hours, 2 x-rays, some blood work and many consults with his other doctors, no one could figure out what was wrong with him but all thought he needed to be admitted for IV antibiotics:/  His white cell count was high but no one could tell if it was a bacterial or viral infection with 100% certainty.  We were not about to let him get IV antibiotics unless he truly needed it.  We finally had to get the head of the Ped's ICU (and Sami's former pediatrician) to come down to the ER.  He checked over Joey, looked at the x-rays and blood work and agreed with us, no admission but he did want more blood work done the following day to  see where his counts where then.  So we went home and back the next morning for more blood work.  His white count was slightly higher:(  ER doc DEMANDED that he be admitted.  Head of peds was paged again.  He came down, checked over Joey, looked at the blood work and said he couldn't justify admitted a toddler with EB, who was happy, eating, drinking, peeing, breathing better and had a noticeably less swollen tummy for IV antibiotics when he wasn't even certain Joey had an infection.    So home we got to go.  But then Joey started spiking fevers about 1-3 hours after his dose of antibiotics:(  It never got higher than 101 and only lasted a couple of hours if that and he was still happy, eating, drinking, peeing, we just watched and waited.  I did some research and asked a friend who is a nurse and the pharmacist at work and one of the very, very rare side effect/allergic reactions to the antibiotic he was on is a fever, occurs in less than 1% of the people who take it!  

So yesterday was his last day of the meds and today, guess what NO FEVER!   So I guess we can add this med to the list of meds he is possibly allergic too.  But at least he is feeling better.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks

Oh and did I mention the radiator on Joe's truck blew up on Thursday?????  More bill...more money to spend we don't have.  between the ER bills, towing and repair bill for the truck last week was a very expensive week:( 

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