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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Overdue update...

I have been blogging, just not over here but I wanted to give everyone a quick update.  

  • school started two weeks ago, Sami is in 5th, Summer in 1st, and Gracie is in pre-k.  So far its been going well.  Sami and Gracie LOVE school and their teachers.  Summer is just ok at the moment.  They do a lot of work in 1st grade and don't get much "fun" time.  She's much rather have fun time. 
  • both girls are back in girls scouts this year with meetings on the same night of the week again:/
  • Sami and Summer can both ride a two-wheel bike now:)
  • Sami celebrated her 10th birthday last week ( a blog post just on that coming soon)

  • Joey is doing better than he had been last month.  He had some really bad areas of skin and multiple infections in which he needed oral antibiotics for (first time in his life). Bath time was unbearable and even a simple diaper change required pain medicine:(   He enjoys running around and playing with this sisters and getting into things he shouldn't be.  He is almost 18 months old and I'll do a blog post just about him soon:)  

  • My car has been having issues and thankful most of it was covered under the warranty but the rest isn't but it's going to take awhile before we can afford to get the rest of the work done.  But its drivable and that is all that matters right now.  

  • I been busy at work too (Christmas is less than 4 months away!!!)

  • There have been lots of new EB babies lately which has been the reason for my many posts over on In Garrett's Memory

  • You can "meet" one of the new babies, Easton, here.  He is more severe than Joey and his pictures are quite graphic.  He is 10 days old and is one of two (at least) EB babies born on the SAME day!  How crazy is that???

Well here are some recent pictures.  Sorry none of Gracie....she is camera share these days.

 future basket ball player

 sponge bob boy

 our little monkey...

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