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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Those with EB in need

We are fortunate that our health insurance covers most of Sami and Joey's medical needs.  It doesn't cover everything but it covers the important things!  Unfortunately others with EB aren't so lucky

Meet Cassie

She is a 15 yr old young women who has severe recessive dystrophic EB.  She and her family lives in Louisiana.   Her parent Logan is a single parent to Cassie and her brother Walt whom they adopted when he was a toddler.  Walt has EB too.  Logan is unable to work because caring for his children is a full time job.  They are currently facing unexpected (and costly) repairs to their only van.  He is unable to take Walt to school or Cassie to the doctors without a working van that accommodates Cassie's wheelchair.  Please take a moment to read their story and if you are able, help them financially or just by sharing their story.  You can read more about this awesome family here.

Meet Omayra:

She is a twenty something year old women with recessive dystrophic EB.  She lives here in Florida (not too far for us in fact) but the day she turned 21, Florida Medicaid cut her off from the doctors she needs to see and the bandages she need to protect and help heal her wounds for no other reason than because she was over the age of 21.  You can hear her story here and learn how you can help.

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