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Monday, August 6, 2012

It's that time of year!

Back to school shopping that is!  After only getting SOME school clothes and supplies this past (tax free) weekend, my first thought it 'now I know why large families home school their kids'!  So they don't have to spend a small fortune on school supplies!  But then I realized they actually probably spend more since they have to buy all the books/material as well.  But going back to school is expensive when you times it by 3!!!!  But over all we didn't do too bad for all the things we actually got.

School starts in 2 weeks and unfortunately the girls aren't NEARLY as excited as I am about that day:)  But things will just get crazier; more taking and pick up from school, some days at 3 different times as well.  Trying to mentally plan in my head when I can get Joey's bandages changed and when he can get a nap w/o me having to wake him to go pick up someone!  Its going to be challenging to say the least.  But I am sure we'll figure it out!  Maybe I can actually get the house more organized while they are at school too:)

Some quick updates on the kids:

Sami- busy planning her birthday party!!!  she is NOT happy school is starting up soon; she won't be able to sleep until 11am every day!

Summer- been getting LOTS of visits from the tooth fairy!!  She is excited for school to start but just so she can see her friends and start going to girl scouts again.  

Grace-is VERY excited to be starting school this yr, but is still VERY emotionally immature and I worry about how she is going to handle school w/o out having her dozen or so emotional breakdowns each day:/

Joey- is WALKING all over the place now! He can get from a sitting position to a standing position better and better each day.  He loves to follow his sisters around the house and get into as much as possible:)  He loves to eat yogurt and gold fish crackers and peaches.  He also loves to be outside.   His skin is a mess right now; we recently started a new reflux medicine and is possibly having an allergic reaction to it:(  hopefully when the rash clears up he'll start feeling better.  

Here is one picture for you all.  I will be doing another post about where it was taken sometimes this week (hopefully)  I have 4-5 more posts I hope to have written and posted within the next week.  Two are reviews (one product review and one book review) so check back for those!! 

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