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Monday, August 13, 2012

35 random facts

a little birthday related post:)  35 random facts/tid bits about me!

1- the number of rings I wear each day.
2- the number of musical instruments I played in high school (flute and tuba)
3- the # of baby teeth that still reside in my mouth
4.1 yrs is the total length of time I have been pregnant in my life!
5-  the number of concerts I have been too.
6- # of kids I have ( 4 on earth, 2 in Heaven)
7- the number of hours I spend each week pre-cutting Joey's bandages
8- the # of round trip plane rides I have taken during my life
9- how long Joe and I were engaged before we got married and we got married on the 9th day of December!
10- how old my oldest child will be this yr.
11-the number of miles I walk each Sunday when I am at work
12- the number of yrs I have been married come this December
13- the number of states I have visited
14- how many traffic light I go through between home and work
15- the number of hrs it took to fly to Italy 15 yrs ago
16- the # of year since I graduated from High School
17- the number of miles round trip I drive to work each day
18- the number of yrs I have worked for my current employer (as of October)
19- how old I was my freshman year of collage
20- celebrated this birthday in San Diego
21- was the best birthday EVER:) (not so much for the # it was but for people who celebrated with me)
22- how old I was when I got engaged
23- how old I was when I got married
24- the number of hours I work each week at my part time job
25- the age I had my first child
26- the number of years Elizabeth and I have been friends
27- was how old when I went through my first hurricane (on my birthday no less)
28- about how many emails I get each day
29- the number of yrs I have known my friend Shauna
30- is the # of minutes it takes me to fall sleep each night (on average)
31- about how many loads of laundry I do in a month
32- I spent this birthday in the hospital
33- the number of times each day I say the phrase "inside voice please"
34- the number of times each day I saw, "stop bothering your sister!"
35- the number of candles on my cake this yr!


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