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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

16 months old!! (and other news)

its 1:21pm on Tuesday...lets see how long it takes me to type of this update!  lol

Joey is 16 months old now!  He probably weight about the same (22 pounds 31 inches)

Favorite Foods:
Dino Shaped Chicken Nuggets
Whip Cream
Graham crackers

He loves to crawl EVERYWHERE and walking around furniture.  He just started pushing around a shopping cart of the girls'.  But won't walk independently.  Which is fine with me.  Less for him to get into!  But he is also a climber!  If he is on the couch he'll climb on to the arm of the couch and try to climb up the wall:(  

Still having issue with his g-tube leaking.  Nothing we have tried is working other than not feeding him as much thru his tube.  When he crawls it just put so much pressure on his belly, it causes the g-tube site to leak around the edges.  Hopefully once he stops crawling 50 mph 12 hrs a day it will stop leaking so much!  He is done to one nap most days= anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hrs.  Don't ask about night time sleeping, I know i'll jinx us:)

His skin is about the same; as long as we wrap he is pretty blister free.  

Here he is all wrapped up after a bath.

Sami is recovering well, already back to her old self already planning her birthday party! (Her birthday isn't for another 7 weeks!)  My birthday however is in 34 days....I haven't had a party or gone out for to celebrate in years!  So trying to come up with something to do this yr.  All my local friends are scattered throughout the city (and state) so not sure what will work for everyone. 

Work is same old, same old; getting ready for the back to school season!!!  Avon is going ok.  Been pretty slow this last campaign...hopefully things pick up soon:)  You can always check out my on-line store here!

I think that is about all the news for us!  Hope everyone is doing well!  Thanks for reading:)

p.s its 10:56pm on Tuesday...only took 9 1/2 hrs to write this one!

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