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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update on Sami's appointment

Well Sami had her appointment this morning.  One side of her rods is moving; the other side has collapsed some (not as bad as it sounds) but its not good either.  So she will need more surgery:(  We are shooting for sometime in June but it will depend on doctor schedules; OR schedule and most of all insurance approval!  Surgery will likely be out-patient; but he will lock the rods so they can no longer slide on their own which mean she will need surgery every 6 months for the next couple of yrs to lengthen them:(  She is not happy about any of it so I let her stay home from school after her appointment because she was so upset.  I will keep you all posted on when she will have surgery. 


  1. Wishing you good luck with the suregery Sami! And some extra strenght for you Sara so you don't feel like leaving home every day... :)
    Hugs from Sweden, Jenny mum to Natalie with RDEB

  2. Oh Sami, I am so sorry!!! I will pray for you guys, as I know how unsettling it is to deal with surgeries!
    {{{{HUGZ}}}} <3