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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Boy Noises

I finally have a few moments to sit down and write a post!

Not really sure what to write about today....apparently its not politically correct to air ones 'dirty laundry' so to speak and a good chunk of the not so happy stuff I write about sometimes come back to bite me in the a** so I have to choose my post carefully to avoid future drama.  We are all healthy, and employed but many of my days are very difficult.  4 kids + working part time+ my own health problem+ no help= well...its probably better if you don't know what it equals.  I know most of you wonder how I do it all, and honestly I don't know how I do it all; I just do.  Most days I don't think I can continue to do this, yet I am still here....still pushing along. 

I was going to do something crazy since I have a 'big' birthday coming up in a few run a half marathon crazy ( I am NOT a runner)...but after training for a week, I realized the arthritis in my knees is worse than I thought and I probably wouldn't survive if I ran that far at once.  Its been two weeks since I started to train and I am STILL in pain almost 24/7.  So in January I will be on the sidelines (probably helping out in someway) and 30 other people will go run in the Disney Marathon to raise money and awareness for EB!  The Jackson Gabriel Silver Foundation does some pretty awesome fundraiser for EB and this is one it them! 

My Avon endeavor is going better than I expected!  I hope it continues each month:)  Please check out my on-line store to the many affordable items they have!  My goal each month is to make enough commission to pay at least one of the many medical bill we still owe on.  (payments range from $25-60)  I have meet my goal for this month:)

Only 8 more days of school...trying to thinking of activities to do this summer.  Kinda hard with the number w/ EB out number those w/o EB....

One more girl scout meeting party for each girl....same night....same time....complete opposite parts of town:/

Joey continues to change every day!  Got the crawling thing down pat!  Though its not his prefer way to get around. He walks all around the furniture and walls.  He not only can go from a standing to sitting position w/o hurting himself, he can go from a sitting to standing position too!!!

new words: Dora, cup, yum.  

And he is into making 'boy" noises.  Today whenever he made a 'boy noise' the girls would go, joey stop farting.  he's start laughing, then would start to grunt and make more 'boy noises' and then laugh some more! 

Here is a few pictures of him.  The girls don't like me to take their picture these days.

 asleep after a bath and bandage change

 eating his new favorite food: graham crackers

eating his 2nd favorite food: yogurt

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