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Monday, May 28, 2012

bandage room

Finally after 14 months we finally have a room just for Joey's bath and bandage changes!  Why we waited this long you may ask...well honestly....i didn't think we'd still be doing 1 hr bandage changes with Joey by this point.  We weren't with Sami at this age and I never expected to be doing it with Joey.  But of course every kid with EB is different so we do what we have to do!  The bathroom in our room was being used as a bandage storage room but Joey got too big for the kitchen sink for baths and too big for the kitchen table for dressings.  So we reorganized the bathroom and now the dinning room is the bandage storage room and the bathroom is for baths and bandage changes.  While he sits in his soft, blow-up infant bathtub in the big bath tub I get all the bandages ready.  We use the bathroom counter to lay everything out on and a card table to change him on.  Its been a little over a week and so far so good!  He can see the TV in our room from the bathroom so that helps with distractions a bit.  Here are some pictures I took.  Hard to get a picture of everything due to the bathroom door but you'll get the idea.  

The bathtub is to the left.  The sink is on the right.  The bookshelf is used to hold things we use daily.  The rolled gauze is stored under the table in boxes (thanks to the help of Sami- she helped organized it all!)

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