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Saturday, April 7, 2012

coconut oil, probotics and chamomile tea

I am sure as soon as I publish this posts I will have jinxed us and things will go down hill from here!  LOL  but I wanted to share somethings hoping it will help others.

When Joey was in the hospital when he was 2 weeks old he contacted the bacteria Pseudomonas.  For anyone who as ever dealt with it knows how difficult it is to get rid of.  Its one of those things that almost never goes away even with antibiotics.  Soaking in a vinegar solution helps but it still never went away 100% and after many, many months of dealing with it. it was starting to impacting the healing of his skin.  Then one day I got a message on Facebook from this wonderful family, who despite their overwhelming loss was still able to take time to share with me what helped Tripp when he was battling Pseudomonas as well  And that tip was Chamomile Tea baths!  I never would have guessed!

So we we started the Chamomile Tea baths.  I take 4 tea bags and soak them in 4 quarts of water (the time varies depending on how soon I remember to get it ready before his bath)  Then at bath time I add that solution to the bowl I fill with the water I use to pour over him and add hot water make to make it warm enough for him.  Then I pour the water over his body until the solution is all gone and I DO NOT rinse him with clean water.  We started this about 2 months ago and I did the Chamomile Tea baths about two times a week (the other days we alternated btw bleach, vinegar and baking soda) and we were getting neon drainage (classic sign of Pseudomonas) from many areas of his body every day.   Within a couple of weeks I noticed less neon colored drainage, so we started doing more Chamomile Tea baths and we were seeing less and less drainage!  And his skin wasn't as red as it had been before!  So now we do the Chamomile Tea baths 4-5 times a week and are very happy with the results! 

Since Joey was born we did regular bleach solution baths (1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water) to help prevent and clear up skin infections.  They seems to be doing a good job keeping the infections away but it was really rough on his skin.  About a month ago we realized that the bleach was killing not only the bad bacteria but the good bacteria as well causing yeast to colonize ALL over Joey's body.  His doctor would only prescribe topical medication but it was wide spread so I began researching all natural ways and came up on using Coconut Oil!  So I got some and we tried it.  Not only did it get rid of the yeast it started to heal wounds that hadn't been healing for months!    It was absolutely amazing!  We also started giving him probotics once a day and were able to reduce the amount of acid reflux medication he was taking.  I suspect it is also helping with is skin externally as well.  He has gone from 70% affected skin to about 30% (depending on the day)  We still wrap from the neck down but for protection mostly vs healing.  We no longer wrap his feet and his legs are good enough not to wrap but he LOVES to itch them so we need to wrap to protect him from doing more damage.  His torso/back is still the worst area but it is getting better.  Here is his back and upper thigh BEFORE we started the coconut oil and probotics:

And here is his back and upper thigh today: 
 (the middle of his back still has a ways to go, but its the lower back that is much better)

I still can't believe the improvement myself!  We will keep using these things and hopefully get the rest of him cleared up!  

So he still gets bathed and changed every day but now we ONLY do Chamomile Tea baths, Vinegar Baths and sometimes baking soda baths.  No more bleach baths unless we have massive issues with staph or MRSA.

I don't usually post wound pictures of Joey on here but for something like this I know you would need to see to believe.  Hopefully by sharing this will be able to help others.  

1 comment:

  1. That must be so painful for the poor little possum! Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned. My 3yr old daughter is mostly covered in eczema and it looks just like the photo of your son! I am going to take her to see a dr as soon as the Easter hols are through, but I shall try the chamomile tea baths from today.
    It's so hard to deal with skin issues on little ones. I pray that Joey continues to improve each day until it clears up completely.