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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy, Busy week ahead

Just looking at the calendar for this coming weeks makes me want to take a vacation!

Monday- two girl scout meetings originally but has since gone down to just one meeting for Sami.

Tuesday- nothing major (so far)other than making cupcakes and wrapping presents:)

Wednesday- Summer's 6th Birthday!!!
                       Spirit night for school at McDonald's!

Thursday-  Joey's 1st Birthday!  And he has a doctors appointment.

Friday- Joey has another doctor appointment.

Plus I have to work on Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Speaking of work, I have been at my new location for 6 weeks now.  Hard to believe its been that long.  Things are going well for the most part.  The company did change something with their medical/dental insurance and I have to work an average of 24 per week to keep my insurance.  I had been working less than that.  So after much thought and seeing gas prices I am now leaving for work as soon as Joe gets home from work I can get there by 6:30.  They store gets out much earlier in the evening than my old store.  I have no problems working late but that is no longer an option.  So instead of trying to find a reliable baby sitter or paying more for gas, I am going to make my Wednesday and Thursday very stressful by trying to get homework done, bandages done and dinner made (and myself ready) so I can leave the house no later than 6:10 and pray I don't get all 16 traffic lights from here to work otherwise it will take me WAY longer than the 20 minutes (with all green lights) to make it to work on time.  If I am getting there too late more and more than I will have to start working 5 days a week.    Well that is about it for now.  Look for more posts later this week for the birthday girl and boy!

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