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Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick update

Just a quick update.  Sami is doing better.  She still has a LONG ways before she is 100% better but definitely 100% better than she was a week ago.  She went back to school today but needed a nap when she got home.  She started having pain in her back over the bad that she'd cry out in pain a lot:(  At first we thought it was because she had been laying so much over the past week, but even with pain meds it wasn't getting better.  We were worried something was wrong with one of her rods and tried to take her to urgent care for a x-ray on Sunday but their machine was broken.  We called another location to see if their machine was working but after explaining why they said it would be better if we took her to the ER instead.  Which wasn't an option yesterday (i'll explain why it a bit) so we waited and see how she did after a nap and some Motrin and she was better.  Today she said she had no pain during school and very little pain this evening so maybe its not her rods.  One of the side effects of one of the medication she was on is bone pain so maybe it was that.  Its been 48 hrs since we stopped that med and the pain is less than yesterday and even less than the day before.  We are going to see how she is tomorrow and will take her Wednesday to the doctor if the pain isn't gone. 

Joey's nose started running on Saturday but that was it.  By Saturday night he was coughing and having trouble breathing.  Saturday night was ROUGH.  We all got very little sleep and then I had to be at work at 3:30am Sunday!  He was doing a little better Sunday morning but by late morning he was worse so I left work early to come home.  Of course by the time I got home he was happy boy and stayed that way for hours.  Then he woke up from a nap struggling to breath again so Joe took him to urgent care.  He has RSV:(  Mild enough to stay out of the hospital for now.   He is on breathing treatments and steroids now.  Steroids make him wild and hyper and not want to sleep.  He is doing better today.  His nose is still running and his cough is bad from time to time but not struggling to breath anymore. 

Hopefully we can all get healthy and stay healthy for awhile!  

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