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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prayers for Sami

Sami is sick....really sick....she has Pneumonia:(  It started out last week with a fever and cough- we have all been sick over the past 2 weeks.  She stayed home from school for two days and had the weekend to rest as well.  Sunday night she seemed/felt better and just had the never-ending cough that seems to be going around.  She wanted to go to school Monday.  She went armed with water and cough drops  to school.  She came home after school and went right to bed:(  She NEVER naps.    So once Joe got home he took her over to urgent care....she is now on antibiotics (thankfully just once a day kind) and breathing treatments every 4 hrs.  The doctor said she could return to school on Wednesday but while she hasn't gotten any worse, I don't think she is any better so I am not sure if she'll be back to school tomorrow or not.  

Today was 6 weeks since she got her ears pierced and was able to change her earring today.  She could have cared less... that is how crappy she feels:(

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