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Friday, February 24, 2012

EB Related Post

Lots of EB related tidbits:

You can read about a beautiful baby named Brystal who has RDEB here.

You can read about a little girl named Raquel who also has RDEB here.

Tonight Jonah's 3rd Annual EB Auction starts!  All proceeds go to Debra.  Check it out!  They have a lot of really nice and unique items up for bidding this year! 

A while back I posted on Facebook that a young boy named Seth w/ EB needed a forever home.  A wonderful family in the EB community who already had one adopted child with EB wanted to adopt Seth as well!  Everything was starting to fall into place; the community was coming together to help build an addition onto the family's home so Seth could have his own room.  Everything was suppose to be done and final by next month; then everything came tumbling down.  You can read all about it here (warning, grab some Kleenex, you will need it)

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