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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rough day all around

Joey is having a rough time these days.  He skin isn't looking good- today's dressing change found raw skin around his g-tube site and his entire lower back blistered:(  Not to mention the 20+ blisters just on his upper arms and neck.  Those all in in addition to the other wounds in varies stages of the healing process he has on over 50% of his body.  He squeaks when he breaths about 50% of the time which means blisters or inflammation in his upper airway.  He struggles to drink from him bottle at times.   Doses of pain medication is becoming more frequent.  Sleep- lets not even talk about sleep or the lack of it. 

Sami had a infected wound behind her ear.  Its not where her earring rubs up against the skin when she lays on that side but its likely the cause of it.  Hopefully it doesn't get any worse and require oral or IV antibiotics.  She really doesn't want to take her earrings out yet (she only has 8 more days till its been 6 weeks!)

I am in the middle of a flare right now.  I knew it would probably happen after the rough weekend I had.  While its not uncommon for me to work 16 hrs on the weekends (over the course of 2 days), it is rare for for me be on my feet the entire time.  Combine that with the emotional stress from transferring to a new store and saying good by to people have known for 10+ yrs.   We had our farewell party yesterday and while it was fun; it was also sad and emotionally draining.   It was so sad to see the almost empty store and they removed the neon signs for the outside of the building and boarded up the windows and doors.  It seem so much more real now.

My muscles and skin was extremely painful yesterday and I knew today was going to be rough and sure enough when I got up this morning, I could barely move:(  The cold weather (cold for Florida) doesn't help things either. I broke down and started a Prednisone tapper dose.  I haven't needed one in MONTHS!  Aleve is helping too.   And hoping to get a hot shower in sometime today too.  Monday is the busiest day of the week for us. 

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  1. Hi Sara: Thanks for the update. I am so sorry that everyone is having troubles right now. I will be sending prayers your way. Hang in there, it will get better. Love and Peace Leah and Tabby's Nana