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Monday, October 24, 2011

EB Awareness Week- Day 1

Tomorrow is the official start of EB Awarenss Week!  My goal is to post something every day about EB.

Today I will show you first hand the kind of damage EB causes the skin to entail.  I don't normally post pictures of wounds publicly for all to see, but i will make an exception for this week.  Due to a very busy schedule on Monday's we skipped a full bath and dressing change for Joey on Sunday so that I could get him done first thing this morning.  So he went about 36 hrs instead of the normal 24-26 hrs inbetween dressing changes and this is what I found this morning underneath the bandages:

The blister wrapped all the way around his entire wrist.  He had matching ones on the back of both legs and his left upper leg.

this is his lower back:(  the dark red areas are completely raw.  

 Bottom of his foot.  His big toe is a complete blister.

Due to my work schedule and the girls school schedule its hard to change him at the same time every day.  So we need to figure something out that works for everyone....

That is all i have time for today.  Come back tomorrow for more EB related info!  I am also working on something I hope to have done by Friday!!!

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