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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Life here is very busy these days!  Besides school, both Sami and Summer are in girl scouts this year and Sami joined the 4th and 5th grade Chorus and of course EVERYTHING meets on MONDAYS!  So Monday's Summer is a car rider, we then go to the park near school for about 30 minutes and then back to school to get Sami.  3 Monday's a month Sami has a girl scout meeting; Summer just two Monday's a month but of course its the same Mondays for both girls.  But they both don't have meetings the 2nd Monday of the month so tomorrow will be a little less crazy:)

They are doing ok in school.  Sami had LOTS (1.5-2 hr) of homework per day during the week and she is struggling with spelling this year:(  Some of her words I can't even spell as an adult let alone when I was in the 4th grade!  Summer has been struggling with writing.  She CAN write she just doesn't think she can which results in a TOTAL emotional tearful breakdown EVERYDAY during writing time.  A few days she got so upset she was yelling at her teacher:(  Her teacher was out most of last week so hopefully things will go better for Summer this month.  

Home school with Grace didn't go well.  She would SPEED through her worksheets and then was 'done' even if I wasn't.  Plus Joey's schedule is so unpredictable we couldn't have school the same time each day which made her upset.  It is fine though she already knows her numbers, letters, colors and shapes....I teach her too much more and she'll be board in pre-k next year!  She still will do 'homework' sometimes with Summer after school.

Joey is 7 months now (you can find that post here)  Unfortunately he has developed Torticollis:(  which means his head tilts to one side and he is unable to straighten it.  That is what Sami had that lead to her spinal problems:( Usually its due to a muscle issues so we are starting on the PT exercises we learned with Sami and I got him a chair that he can sit in on his own without falling over and that will help with the neck muscles. If we don't see improvement in a few weeks then its off to the orthopedic doctor for x-rays and evaluation.  His is occurring later in life than Sami's did so hopefully we caught it in time (and can correct it) before damage to his spine has had time to occur.  I am also trying to figure out a way to get in on his stomach w/o causing pain and him throwing up.  Any pressure to his belly/g-tube area causes him to throw up.  So tummy time is tricky.  

Oh and the biggest news, Summer lost her first tooth last Thursday at school!!! She was more excited that it happened at school than in the fact she lost her first tooth!

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