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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

6 month photo shoot

I had a hard time choosing which ones to post!  
There was so many great ones:)

Friday, September 9, 2011

6 months old!!

 Guess who is 6 months old already?!?

We can hardly believe he is 6 months old already!  It has gone by soooo fast (too fast really).

He has gone from 6 1/2 pounds at birth to about 16 pounds now!  (thanks to his g-tube).  He is also 26" long (he is going to be tall like Daddy:)

He is still mostly g-tube feed but that is ok because we can stuff him full healthy fruits and veggies and he can't spit it out at us:)  He can sit up leaning against the back of the couch or against us on the floor.  He can hold his head up about 90% of the time.   He will sleep about 3-5 hours a stretch at night:) but only takes 3-4 30 minute naps during the day:(  He is NOT a sleeper. 

He will grab at toys, hold them in his hand and put them in his mouth.  He LOVES his monkey toys and loves to chew on them.  He loves to laugh and smile at his sisters (I think Sami is his favorite...but don't tell the other two;)  He seems to have a preference for the color purple because when you put two of his toy rings in front of him he always grabs the purple one.  Grace thinks that is great since that is her favorite color too!  He grabs with his left hand first but I have no idea if that means he will be left handed someday.

He does ok in the car as long as it keeps moving.  Stop lights stop signs and crossing guards are NOT his favorite things. 

Skin wise is he doing ok and we'll just leave it at that for now.

I do not have anymore pictures however:(  My camera isn't working, I think (hope) its the battery and once the new one I ordered arrives, it will be working again.  So hopefully I can take his 6 month old photos sometime next week for you all to see.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dressing Changes- part one

I have been wanting to do a post (with pictures) on how we do dressing changes to give other EB families ideas for their own set up.

  here is the area as a whole

gauze opened and tubifast  pre-cut to size (keeps the gauze in place)

 lancets to pop the blisters:(

 ointment we use on his wounds

 all his bandages pre-cut.  we spend 1 day a week pre-cutting 7-10 days worth of bandages;  it saves SO much time each day.  He is still wrapped from the chest down so the pieces don't change much, other than when he grows and we need larger pieces.  I take all the backs off the bandages right before we start the bath so everything is ready to go.  It makes things much quicker especially when I am by myself! 

 where he gets his bath

 what we use to wash him with

 the typical amount of towels, blankets, clothes, tubifast that needs to be washed when we are done with a bath/dressing change

 this is his typical amount of supplies he receives each month.  the top box is his g-tube supplies; the HUGE box is his wound care supplies (the cat likes to smell the boxes)

these two are pictures of where we keep SOME of his supplies.  It is the items we use daily, the rest are scattered through the house behind furniture and under things:)