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Monday, July 18, 2011

Surgery Update- Monday Night

Greetings from the PICU!  Sami is asleep now.  Surgery itself was about 5 hours but between pre-op, post-op and recovery she was in there for about 9 hours!  We finally got to see her around 5pm.  She was in A LOT of pain and wasn't responding to the pain meds so now she is on a morphine drip through the night.  She says she is still in pain, but she is sleeping well and isn't crying anymore so her pain level must be better.

Surgery went well.  They were able to do the procedure I mentioned in a previous post, which is good.  As long as the rods slide on their own as she grows she shouldn't need surgery again for a while!   She did suffer some skin damage but nothing to major so far that I have found.  She was needing oxygen for awhile while she slept but those have improved and she is off of it for now.

We have been to this hospital before but they moved to the other side of the 5th floor since Joey was last here, so we have brand new rooms and this time there is a bathroom in the room:)  I am so happy I don't have to leave the unit to go pee anymore:)

Tomorrow we hope to get her sitting up and possible up and walking around as well. She really thought she'd be siting up eating dinner playing her DS right after surgery....uh..not quite Sami!

Well I better get some sleep since she is sleeping.  I will update tomorrow.

thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers!

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