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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

surgery update day #2 and #3

I meant to post last night but I went home and had so much to take care of and I didn't get time.

Sami is doing really well!  She is getting out of bed and walking around more often.  She was on IV pain meds but tonight her last IV  blew and she didn't want another one put in so she is on oral pain med which isn't that bad of a things since she has to be on those to be able to go home.

Her pain comes and goes depending on what she is doing or how she is sitting/laying.   HOPEFULLY she can go home soon!!  Joe was suppose to go back to work tomorrow but his mom isn't able to lift Joey because of her PICC line and now my parents are sick:(  So I am really needed at home sooner than later.  Joe is almost out of vacation days....hopefully nothing else major happens this year...

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