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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Busting out of here and Prayer's for Tripp

We are heading home!!!  YIPPIE!  Sami is doing well enough to go home which is good.  We are just waiting on the discharge papers (its been 2 hrs....)

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for Sami (and us) this past week. We really appreciate it.  I ask now that you focus your prayers to a little boy named Tripp.  He is 2 and has JEB-H.  It is amazing he has made it this long, but he has amazing parents and grandparents spend 24/7 caring for him.  But he isn't doing so well right now and is in A LOT of pain.  I think it body has had about all it can take.  In the most recent pictures I have seen; Tripp's wounds are very similar to Garrett's on his last day. 

It makes me very sad to see the pain Tripp and his wonderful mom Courtney are going through...they are both so strong.  The outpouring of support and prayers for Tripp has been WONDERFUL!!  Please help it continue; feel free to check out their blog and share their story.

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