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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, its back to work I go!

Well folks, its been 8 weeks if you can believe it! 8 weeks since our little baby boy entered this world.  I was fortunately to get 8 weeks (partially paid) off from work but now its time to go back!  I start back tonight and will work 2 nights during the week and then during the day on the weekends.

Since I am going back to work, I have started doing Joey's bandages during the day, by myself.  It takes me about 1 1/2 hours which isn't too bad.  But still a good chunk of time.  Two was the 2nd day and it went better than yesterday.  So hopefully it will continue to get better.

Tomorrow morning Joey has another swallow study to see if he is still aspirating when he swallows.  Please pray that he willing drinks the stuff after not being able to drink by bottle for the past 6 weeks and that the tests results in good news:)  He has been spitting up a lot more lately and back to "gargling" again at times:(   He is also breathing more noisy at times too.  And a lot more fussy too.  So we aren't sure what is going on with him.  But hoping for good news or at least some answer tomorrow at his appointment.  I will try to post tomorrow after we get home to let you know how it went. 

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