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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!!

I had to work this morning at 3:30am...yea I am dedicated employee!  But I felt like crap!  Sore throat, my ears, head and face hurt too:(  I made it till 9 am and ended up coming home.  I nap for a bit with Joey till he woke up and then laid back down with him a little later again and slept for a while.  Of course that means NOTHING I wanted to do today got done.  We got Joey's bandages done around 5 and then I told the girls I had a surprise and to get their bathing suites on and flip flops.  We loaded in the car and headed downtown to a something new they just put in; an area with water shooting up from the ground for this kids to play in!  It was pretty neat.  The girls were as impressed as I thought they would be but they had fun.  We had KFC for dinner and then ice cream:)  

I asked for nothing for Mother's Day.  There is nothing I wanted or really need.  The girls made me cards at school and that was the bests gifts i could get.  It's hard to believe this was my 8th mother's day!  Seems longer than that in some ways; other times, i am like wow, really 8 years!  Mother's day never really that big around here; I know I am blessed and feel so grateful for the 4 living children that I have; but still misses the 2 that are in Heaven.  And sometimes that grief of those two is more powerful than the joy than comes from the 4.  I know those that have never lost a child will struggle to understand that; but I also know those that have, will understand it prefectly. I also struggle with the absence of my own mother, who is still alive (to my knowledge) but chose 6 years ago not to be apart of the lives of her child anymore...I have many friends who have had their mother taken from them so unexpectedly and I feel so guilty since mine is living but chooses not to be apart of my life.  I know I shouldn't feel guilty over that but I do.

Tomorrow Sami and I have an EARLY morning!  She has an appointment with her back doctor...she asked to go see him...which those who know her and her dislike of doctors, knows she must be hurting:(  Her back has been bothering her and to look at it you can see her spinal curve has gotten worse:(  So we are off to see him and get some x-rays and see what is going on.  So please pray that isn't nothing serious...she will need one more spinal surgery but we were hoping to wait till she was 11 or 12...not 8 almost 9.

I will leave with you a quote that I found on a blog I follow of another mother who also has two angels in Heaven:

"Mother's Day is a day of appreciation and respect. I can think of no mothers who deserve it more than those who had to give a child back ~ Erma Bombeck
And a picture of the 4 reasons I get up each day:
P.S.  I have two pray requests: one for Joey's nose- he is constantly "stuffy" and it makes it hard to breath at times.  I will post more on this later... and for a friend, and fellower EBer, Amber.  She isn't going very well these days and will most likely get her butterfly wings soon:(  Please pray for her recovery but if that is not to be, than for a painless and peaceful journey for her and her family. 

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