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Sunday, May 22, 2011

2 months old

Actually Joey is 2 1/2 months by now....i haven't had time to write up this post till today.


Weight: 9 pounds 13 oz (with bandages, a onesie and a diaper on)

Length: 21"

Feedings: 3 oz every 2 1/2- 3 hours.

Developmental:  he is delayed per his developmental evaluation last week.  He smiles once in awhile but not as often as he should be.  He doesn't make any "normal" baby noises other than crying.  But they feel his hearing is fine.  He doesn't try to "bat" at toys when placed in front of him.  He qualified for "speech" therapy but not feeding therapy like he needs because he has a history of aspiration and is too much of a liability for the state to receive therapy at home:(  So we have to wait till later this summer for the feeding clinic to open up at the hospital.

Sleep:  he sleeps anywhere from 1-4 hr at night and anywhere from 20-90 minutes during the day.

Skin: he has a lot of involvement right now.  G-tube site won't stay healed; his lower belly has no skin; arms, legs, hands and feet vary from day to today.  Today is right leg is missing more skin than it was a birth:( We still change his bandages daily and I am doing them on my own 1-2 times per week.

We also suspect he is allergic (or at least extremely sensitive) to Soy.  The insurance won't cover his g-tube formula so I started buying the Target brand of his formula since the other kids did just fine on it (and its less expensive:)  but we (Joe) noticed that he gets really agitated and cries A LOT when on it and I looked at the ingredients and it contains milk and soy, where as the name brand doesn't contain soy.  It would also explain why he reacted so badly to the soy formula. 

But over all he is doing good:-)

I was going to post pictures but the monitor to my PC died and i don't have a way to upload pics to my lap top. 

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