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Saturday, April 2, 2011

We are home

We were released on Thursday afternoon:)  WOO HOO!!!

Once we got home we had to deal with the medical supply company for his oxygen supplies and his g-tube pump/supplies.  And then had to change his bandages so I didn't get time to blog Thursday night.  Friday was a doctor appointment for me, getting some groceries at the store, dealing with crabby children and getting Sami ready for camping this weekend with her girl scout troop.  And by the end of the day I was too tired to blog that night either.

Today was spent running errands, doing laundry and bandages again.  Joey is doing pretty good.  G-tube feedings are going better.  He is sleeping a little better at night, though last night he was up from 4am-6:30am.  His skin is breaking down a lot more though:(  

Here is a picture of Summer finally holding Joey:

Here is the little man himself.... 25 days old already!

We took him off the oxygen today to see how he would do and he is maintaining his O2 levels very well!!!  YIPPIE!  Less cords to untangle.  He is still on the monitor to make sure his levels stay in normal range but we can deal with that.  Other than that not much new here.  Sami comes back from camp in the morning, my dad is here for two weeks for a visit, and the girls go back to school on Monday so life will start to go back to normal then....

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sara: So glad that Joey is doing so well. Hoping you guys can get back to a normal schedule. You are always in my prayers. Joey is adorable and so so cute. Will continue the prayers for your precious son. Take care my friend. Love and Hugs Leah's Nana