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Saturday, April 23, 2011

ENT Visit

Thursday night was ROUGH to say the least....probably his worst night yet.  We maybe got 2-3 hours of sleep and not in a row:(  I thought maybe Soy formula would be better for his tummy.  Apparently his tummy didn't think so.    He was awake and crying the majority of the 30 hours after I started feeding it to him.  As soon as we went back to the lactose free, the crying stopped and sleeping started:)  

Anyways off to the ENT Friday for a follow up.  He thought his breathing was good:)  His nose is still a little swollen on the inside but he can still breath through it so that is a good thing.  The ENT also said his natal teeth in front are too loose and needed to go.   So he took a piece of gauze and pulled and out they came!  They are sooooooooo small; about the size of a grain of rice.  The gums did bleed some and he got a huge blister on his bottom lip but other than that, no other damage from the procedure.  The doctor said to leave the other tooth alone for now and wait and see what happens.  I think he has another tooth on his bottom gum starting to come through too.  We go back at the end of May for another follow up.  

We are so happy the tooth thing has been resolved.  Now if we can get his skin to stop breaking down, he'd be in really good shape.   He gets anywhere from 10-30 news blisters a day and has a lot of area of raw and missing skin:(  Just part of EB i know, I was just hoping he wouldn't get this severe this quick.  I do have pictures but Joe prefers I not share them with the world:(  

But I do have some other pictures I can share:)  

 all clean after a bath

 asleep at the Ester Egg Hunt

 my new cool bamboo Pj's from a very generous friend of mommy's:-)

 Grace sharing her Elmo

my sister's being funny (daddy didn't think it was very funny though)

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