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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PICU- Day 6

I am very tired and have a ton to do, so this will be short, but surgery tomorrow is scheduled for noon-ish....the emphasizes being on the 'ish'.

The plan, remove the breathing tube and scope his airway.

If it looks good and there is nothing that is causing him not to breath, they will replace the breathing tube and start to allow him to wake on his own.

If the airway looks bad (blistered, inflamed, etc...) they the ENT will place a trach and the general surgeon will place a g-tube. 

Either way we are looking at being in the hospital till mid to late next week pending NO complications come up.

I will post an update once we head into surgery.

Please continue to pray...we will deal with either outcome that may happen, we just want him alive.

**UPDATE** as of tonight surgery is scheduled for 11:15am.  But nothing happens on time in this hospital!  lol

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