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Monday, March 21, 2011

PICU- Day 4

Today have been an eventful day...

The good: his skin has continued to improve! Most of his wounds from birth are either healed or almost healed.  Very few blisters too:) They continue to increase is feeds ever 2 hours since he is tolerating them well.  His breathing and heart rate remain stable. 

The not so good:  the chest x-ray this morning showed that he has a bit of pneumonia (they think).  there is a cluster of mucus (or a mucus plug) in a part of his lung that caused it to partially collapse.  They started him on another medication to help break up the mucus but after the first dose the entire left side of his face turned red.  At first we weren't sure if it was the medication or just a conscience, but when the same thing occurred after the 2nd and 3rd dose, it seem he is having mild allergic reaction to the medication.  It doesn't seem to be serious and the medication is helping so for now they will continue to give him the medication and monitor him closely during the treatment to make sure the redness doesn't spread or turn into something worse.

Late this afternoon the dermatologist who saw him in the NICU came to see him again and contacted the EB clinic in Cincinnati and their recommendation is to trach Joey (and place a g-tube) as they feel will this will likely happen again since his airway is so small and it wouldn't take much for another blisters or inflammation to land us back in the hosp in respiratory failure. 

So right now we are trying to find a local ENT willing to do the surgery.  Hopefully tomorrow we can find someone and talk to them about when all this might happen.  His lung issues have to be 100% resolved before he can have any kind of surgery.  So right now we have no idea when any of this will be happening.  My guess is that he'll be in the hospital another week or two.  But that is just a guess.  We hope to get more info from the doctors tomorrow.  

Joe is with him tonight and i'll go back up tomorrow after my 2-week post-op checkup with the OB.  

Good night everyone and thanks again for the good thoughts and prayers.  They seem to be working:)


  1. We will keep praying for Joey and your family. It sounds like a good plan is in place. Prayers that it will all come together smoothly and that his lungs will heal quickly.

    Barbara and AJ

  2. Still praying for your precious Joey and you too my friend. Hoping his lungs improve and that surgery will go smoothly. Hang in there guys. Keep the Faith. Love and Peace Leah's Nana

  3. All of you are still in my prayers. Get well little Joey!