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Sunday, March 20, 2011

PICU-Day 3

Greetings from the PICU!  

Not much to report today.  Joey is still stable. He did  receive some blood last night has he was a little anemic and it seems to have helped as his numbers today were better.

He also needed to start getting nutrition again so we decided to have an NG tube (tube from the nose to the stomach placed).  His IV isn't going last much longer and they can't put nutrition through his central line and he isn't stable enough for a g-tube placement so we had little choice but to go with the NG tube.  He is getting 5cc of formula per hours on continuous feeds.  Those just started 2 hours ago but so far so good!

As for what to do next in terms of his breathing, the dr is reaching out to some ENT's and other medical professionals to get their opinion on what the next step to take is.  I was able to get a hold of the EB nurse and she is going to get one of the doctors at the EB clinic in Cincinnati to call down here tomorrow and speaking to the attending on call and off their advice on what to do next.  So hopefully by this time tomorrow we will have a better idea on what to do regarding is airway.

Summer's birthday party went GREAT today!  She had a lot of fun with her friends from school.  I typed up a little note about EB and what happened with Joey so they could read it and I wouldn't have to explain it over and over again.  They were really great and some have offered to help get Summer from school so I don't have to take Joey into the classroom to pick up Summer from school. 

So all in all today was a good day.  I am flying solo in the NICU tonight.  Joe went home to get some rest and get the girls off to school in the morning.  We'll trade off tomorrow as long as Joey remains stable.   I don't have the ability to get pictures on to my lap top here in the hospital but hopefully tomorrow I can get some pictures posted.  

Thanks again for your thoughts and makes things a little bit easier to deal with.....                                                                                                                                                                          

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sara: So glad that Joey is doing okay. Praying that things improve with his breathing. Hope the EB doctors have some great ideas.
    Glad the birthday party was a success.
    You guys must be going a little nuts by now. Hang in there and remember there are so many people praying for your precious son. Keep the Faith. Love you guys. Love and Peace Leah's Nana