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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PICU- Day 12

He had a rough night last night...up every 60-90 minutes.   Crying a lot, struggling to eat like he did before we ended up in the hospital:(  We had a feeding therapy consult today and she is concerned about how he swallows.  Its not normally for a baby, even for a pre-term one.  So tomorrow he is going for a swallowing study.  He drinks a special liquid while they take x-rays to check the structure of his throat and see if there is a reason milk collects at the back of his throat when he drinks, and causes him to gag and choke.  Grace had a similar problem which was helped by reflux medication, but Joey is already on reflux medication so they are concerned there is something else going on in his throat.  That is tomorrow at 1:30pm.
We were able to modify his nasal cannula for his oxygen so he can wear is again and is able to use less O2.  The doctor keeps saying he can go home soon, but their definition of soon is different than ours.  Hopefully tomorrow after the swallowing study we will know more.  He is able to go home on oxygen since he is back on the nasal cannula so they will consider that more of an option tomorrow after the swallow study (and there are no abnormal results with that test)
His butt is still really broken down, g-tube still leaks from time to time mostly when he is crying.  But he does have long periods of being awake and alert:)
that is about all for today...i am V-E-R-Y tired and don't feel like writing much.  I am home with the girls tonight and hopefully we'll be getting to bed very soon!

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  1. Thinking of you and hoping baby Joey comes home soon...We have had some problems with pseudomonas too. Casey is most likely colonized in the trach...our doctor said No to antibiotics too as long as he wasn't having any symptoms. When he did have some symptoms of a respiratory type infection they prescribed antibiotics to go in the nebulizer..we were warned too not to use antibiotics unless symptomatically we were having an, if it makes you feel any better, we were told the same thing....:)
    Hugs to you all.......and hoping joey has no complications with his swallow study.......