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Monday, March 28, 2011

PICU- Day 11

Well we didn't get to go home today and tomorrow isn't looking much better:(

He is still requiring oxygen....and for the past few hours even with the blow by his numbers still drop too low at times...not sure if its the pulse ox monitor or that he need more O2.  I am hoping its the pulse ox monitor but we are running out of places to put it.  All the places it can go on, have a lot of skin breakdown (not from the monitor).  So its getting trickier to find a place for it.  They took his central line out today which is good but now he is limited to pain meds that can go through the g-tube or by mouth.  The heart and respiratory leads won't say on his skin for some reason no matter what we try so his alarms have been going off every 5 minutes at least.  He is sleeping so I don't want to wake him to replace them with new ones.  But i'll change them when he wakes up.

This morning we got the cultures back that they took from his lungs before they took him off the vent Friday; he has pseudomonas in his lungs:(  We are waiting to see if we need antibiotics.  The attending doctor said no, but the Pulmonolgist said yes, so I am waiting to hear who's decision wins.  The attending feels he is colonized with pseudomonas (meaning he has the bacteria in his lungs in small amounts that doesn't seem to be causing problems and going on antibiotics can cause him to become resistant to it).  The same thing can happen on the skin, people can carry bacteria around on their skin all of the time but it never causes an infection.

Since he is awake and active now his skin has more breakdown.  One foot had a lot of bleeding today; his little bottom is bad again.  No matter what diapers we try or alternative to diapers, the skin still breaks down from the friction of his just moving around.  His back now has some blisters; and I just saw some on his lips though they don't seem to be bothering him.

His g-tube started leaking today:(  the tube is held in him stomach by a small balloon filled with water.  It normally holds 5cc of water.  His only had 4cc so the nurse added another cc.  Then a bit later is started leaking again, so they called the surgeon.  He checked it out and felt it was ok and if I have to refill the balloon more than once a day, then there might be a problem.  So we put two layers of transfer around the tube and it seems to be helping.  If anyone has any other suggestions PLEASE let me know!!

He is eating pretty good.  He is offered 2 oz every 2-3 hours by mouth and whatever he doesn't finish we put through the tube.  So far for me tonight he has taken 40-50cc per feeding and I put the rest through the tube.

He is awake and alert quite a bit- for over 3 hours straight this afternoon! The girls (and Grandma) got to see Joey again today, while awake too!  Summer was more interested in what snacks I had or when they could go to the cafeteria than she was in seeing Joey!  Grace brought him a little stuffed monkey that plays music.  Sami is very happy he is doing better.

Please pray that we can go home soon.  Joe is suppose to go back to work Wednesday.  He's been off 3 weeks and though his work has been VERY understanding he does need to get back at some point.  His mom is here through the weekend and though my dad is coming this weekend, they aren't staying with us so it'll be harder to keep things normal for the girls.  Plus they are back in school next week.  So it would be much easier if we are home sooner rather than later.  

So prayer for us to go home soon, for this bad spots to heal and if anyone has any suggestions on ANY of our issues PLEASE share away:)

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Sara! Have you ever tried Mepitac tape? It has the same Safetac surface as the other Mep- products from Mölnlycke Health Care. I'm not sure if it would be better but might be an option if it doesn't work well with the Transfer. Good luck with everything and please know I'm thinking about you and your family A LOT! :) Take care, best wishes Jenny in Sweden