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Sunday, March 27, 2011

PICU- Day 10

I am happy to report Joey had a mostly great day today:)

The not so good:

He woke up with new blisters on his chin and right under his nose from the nasal cannula he has been wearing:(   So now he is on blow by oxygen, which brings me to the other not so good, he is still requiring oxygen all the time.  The doctors are saying this is normal for someone who has been on a vent for a week.

The good:
He was able to start bottle feedings again and they wanted him to only drink 25cc in a 3 hr period.  First feeding he drank 45cc and then another 60cc a couple of hours later!  So they are going to stop tube feedings for now.  They stopped his IV fluid too but still has his central line to get his IV pain meds.  But they are going to try Tylenol w/ codeine to see if that manages his pain as well as the Toradol did since he can't go home on Toradol. 

He spent a great deal of time today awake and alert which is very good!

Right now we are just waiting to be able to breathing normally w/o the O2 before he can go home.  They are hoping he can go home on Tuesday but nothing definite yet.  He can go home on O2 but they'd like to try to get him off it first.  So we will see how tomorrow goes and then go from there.  

Here is a picture of Joey with his buddies:)

As always thanks for your good thoughts and prayers...they seem to be working:)

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