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Sunday, February 27, 2011


here it is, the eve of February 28th, the last day of the month.  It is also the day I predicted this baby would be born on....None of the other kids came on the day I predicted, so i am not holding my breath for this one.  But I am statistics kind of girl:)  And tomorrow fits in terms of statistics for this little (or not so little) guy to be born on.

If you average my delivery dates out in terms of weeks and days based on when the other 4 were born, you get 35w3d (which is, you guessed it! Tomorrow- surprise, surprise)

Grace and Garrett were born on the 6th.  Summer was born on the 7th.  Sami was born on the 29th and since there is no 30th of February, the 28th would work to go along with the date's we have so far.

Sami was born on a Thursday (we also lost Jesse just after midnight on a Thursday).

Summer and Grace were both born on Tuesday's and Garrett was born on a Monday...and tomorrow would be Monday as well:) 

(for those wondering, I was born on a Saturday and Joe was born on a Sunday- both in the overnight/early morning hours).

As for WHAT time I think he'll be born at....i don't have an exact time, but I have my prediction!  Sami and Garrett were both born in the early afternoon (Sami 1:38pm, and Garrett 12:40pm). Summer and Grace, both at night (Summer, 9;40pm and Grace 8:15pm)
So since we haven't had a morning baby, or  over night baby, that is my guess when I think he'll be born, which means i'd have to go into labor on my own....things aren't looking promising that this point in the evening for that to be happening....

As of now, (but it will probably change) my "scheduled" c-section is for March 11th now.... I wanted one of two doctors in the practice and this was the first day one of them would be on call at the hospital;  i'll be 37 weeks by then...the longest I have ever made it. 

I know I am lucky that I have made it this far considering my history, but I am also worried that since they are predicting him (and I know they could be wrong) to be so big that it will cause a lot of complications with me (and thus with him).  It know its better lung wise for him to stay put a little longer; but my biggest fear is that my uterus will rupture since I already have a window and its only 4mm thick in that area (get out a ruler and see how thin that is)  One strong kick by him in just the right area could make things end very badly.  The longer I stay pregnant, the thinner it gets....

to be continued.....

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