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Sunday, February 27, 2011

my typical day....

I know many out there think I am grumpy and need to stop whining....but I honestly could really care less what others think, including my family.  Unless you have EB, Lupus, are currently 35+ weeks pregnant and still have to deal with MY 3 kids every day, you have no idea what I am going through...yes I CHOSE to continue this pregnancy back in the beginning when we first found out but that doesn't take away my right to vent about how I am feeling....

I have no one to help me with the girls and  the day-to-day activities when Joe is at work. 

My typical day: (when I don't have drs appointments)

8am- get up, get Summer and Grace up; fight with them to get dressed and eat something.

8:45- drive Summer to school

9-11:45: home with Grace,  make myself something to eat, take the first part of my daily meds; attempt to get some house work done that I am still permitted to do and that isn't much; check and reply to emails, make phone calls, etc...

11:45: fight with Grace to get her shoes on and into the car; drive to Summer's school praying we make it by noon otherwise they charge $1/minute that i am late.

12:10-2pm: get home, make the girls (and myself) lunch, fight with them about eating it; clean up after them, etc...

2pm: fight with them about going to get Sami.

2:15-6pm: get home from Sami's school, make her a snack; help her with her homework; keep the other two out of Sami's hair while she does homework; break up fights, send said fighting children to time out, hoping they go on their own since I can no long physically put them into time out.  Start the dishes at some point (no we don't have a dishwasher) and figure out what to make for dinner and start it so we can eat at a decent hour. 

6pm-9pm: Joe gets home, we eat, he does the dishes (most nights) then the little ones get bathed, ready for bed and in bed by 8 (if we are lucky)  then its Sami's turn, bath, any wound care she needs tending to that day, pj's then into bed by 9. 

9pm-11pm: keep working on the laundry, check and answer more emails; take the last of my meds; maybe watch a tv show or two depending on what night it is and I *try* to get to bed by 11.

Thankfully I am off work till 8 weeks after the baby is born, otherwise I probably would have had a nervous breakdown by now.  And somewhere in all that I have to LAY DOWN for 1 hr at a time 3 times a day and count the baby's movements.  Once I get 5 (though I usually wait till I get to 10) I can get up.  If I don't get 5 in one hr, I get to lay for another hour and count more.  I have had to do that more and more lately (going into the 2nd hr) because this kid does not like noise and boy do his sisters make a lot of it!!  He will not move if it is too noisy around me.  If I don't get up to 5 within the 2nd hr, then I get to go to the hospital because that usually means there is something wrong with the baby.  I haven't had to do that yet, but we have come close a few times. 

Yes I know we are blessed...but that doesn't mean life isn't hard at times.  And while most people don't share these types of details of their lives, everyone knows I am not most people.....

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