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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Medical Mystery

We have yet another child proving to be another medical mystery.  I had an ultra sound today.  I am carrying a 33 week baby with the head the size of a full term 38+ week baby.  And its just his head, the rest of him is in normal range.  And the doctor is worried.  They can't see any abnormalities in his brain that would explain his large size.  There are genetic conditions that could be causing this (EB not being one of them) but its not something we would find out until he is born.  He could also just have a large head and not actually have anything wrong with him.  Hopefully that is the case:)  In any event, this large of a head is going to make for a difficult delivery, even via c-section.  So as of now, he will be delivered around March 9th unless he decides to come before that.  I think it will be before then as he is putting a lot of pressure on my c-section scar and its about 4mm in thickness and I already have a small uterine window in that area.  Not uncommon in someone in my situation and the doctor thinks I should be able to make it for another 3 weeks.  But since the other 4 were born before their "scheduled" time, I really don't think this one will be any different:)

We are hoping he just has a large head (apparently my niece did too) so maybe it just runs in the family.

His stats:

Weight 5 pounds 12 oz (+/- 11oz) which makes him 36w2 days ( I am 33 weeks).  Based on previous measurements he is gaining roughly 1-2oz per day.  So another three weeks will probably put him in the 7-8 pounds range:) 

For comparison:
Sami born @ 34w and 5 lbs 6oz
Garrett born @ 35w4d and 5 lbs13oz
Summer born @ 36w and was 6 lbs 9oz
Grace born @ 35w2d and was 6 lbs 1oz 

anyone want to guess on when you think he'll be born and how much he'll weight???

Here is some pictures of him from today:

 Chubby nose and face

 no that is not a blister on his head or any type of mass.  just a reflection of some sort; its the only picture it showed up on.

 big foot:)

 he is going to have a lot of hair:)

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