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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

anytime now?

I think the baby will be here anytime now (like in the next 1-2 days)  I am having some early signs of labor: more contractions that before, a lot of cramping, lack of interested in food, nausea and other details i'll spare you from knowing:) 

I had a non-stress test this morning and everything appeared fine but I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon (3:40) and am going to have the doctor check to see if i am dilated at all.   If I am and its more than 2-3cm, then I know we will be having a baby tomorrow!  Since mine is a repeat c-section they can't safely left me leave knowing I am dilated and could so into labor at anytime.  It would be too dangerous for me and the baby.  So right now its wait and see unless this baby decides to come on his own tonight. 

this isn't a good week for Joe or the person who is watching the girls while we are having the baby, but our kids never come when it convenient for anyone but themselves, so I don't expect this one to be any different!

I will keep you posted. 

1 comment:

  1. Hoping and praying he holds on for a few more weeks!! Baby boys especially need more time inside. Thinking of you and your baby boy.