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Sunday, February 27, 2011

my typical day....

I know many out there think I am grumpy and need to stop whining....but I honestly could really care less what others think, including my family.  Unless you have EB, Lupus, are currently 35+ weeks pregnant and still have to deal with MY 3 kids every day, you have no idea what I am going through...yes I CHOSE to continue this pregnancy back in the beginning when we first found out but that doesn't take away my right to vent about how I am feeling....

I have no one to help me with the girls and  the day-to-day activities when Joe is at work. 

My typical day: (when I don't have drs appointments)

8am- get up, get Summer and Grace up; fight with them to get dressed and eat something.

8:45- drive Summer to school

9-11:45: home with Grace,  make myself something to eat, take the first part of my daily meds; attempt to get some house work done that I am still permitted to do and that isn't much; check and reply to emails, make phone calls, etc...

11:45: fight with Grace to get her shoes on and into the car; drive to Summer's school praying we make it by noon otherwise they charge $1/minute that i am late.

12:10-2pm: get home, make the girls (and myself) lunch, fight with them about eating it; clean up after them, etc...

2pm: fight with them about going to get Sami.

2:15-6pm: get home from Sami's school, make her a snack; help her with her homework; keep the other two out of Sami's hair while she does homework; break up fights, send said fighting children to time out, hoping they go on their own since I can no long physically put them into time out.  Start the dishes at some point (no we don't have a dishwasher) and figure out what to make for dinner and start it so we can eat at a decent hour. 

6pm-9pm: Joe gets home, we eat, he does the dishes (most nights) then the little ones get bathed, ready for bed and in bed by 8 (if we are lucky)  then its Sami's turn, bath, any wound care she needs tending to that day, pj's then into bed by 9. 

9pm-11pm: keep working on the laundry, check and answer more emails; take the last of my meds; maybe watch a tv show or two depending on what night it is and I *try* to get to bed by 11.

Thankfully I am off work till 8 weeks after the baby is born, otherwise I probably would have had a nervous breakdown by now.  And somewhere in all that I have to LAY DOWN for 1 hr at a time 3 times a day and count the baby's movements.  Once I get 5 (though I usually wait till I get to 10) I can get up.  If I don't get 5 in one hr, I get to lay for another hour and count more.  I have had to do that more and more lately (going into the 2nd hr) because this kid does not like noise and boy do his sisters make a lot of it!!  He will not move if it is too noisy around me.  If I don't get up to 5 within the 2nd hr, then I get to go to the hospital because that usually means there is something wrong with the baby.  I haven't had to do that yet, but we have come close a few times. 

Yes I know we are blessed...but that doesn't mean life isn't hard at times.  And while most people don't share these types of details of their lives, everyone knows I am not most people.....


here it is, the eve of February 28th, the last day of the month.  It is also the day I predicted this baby would be born on....None of the other kids came on the day I predicted, so i am not holding my breath for this one.  But I am statistics kind of girl:)  And tomorrow fits in terms of statistics for this little (or not so little) guy to be born on.

If you average my delivery dates out in terms of weeks and days based on when the other 4 were born, you get 35w3d (which is, you guessed it! Tomorrow- surprise, surprise)

Grace and Garrett were born on the 6th.  Summer was born on the 7th.  Sami was born on the 29th and since there is no 30th of February, the 28th would work to go along with the date's we have so far.

Sami was born on a Thursday (we also lost Jesse just after midnight on a Thursday).

Summer and Grace were both born on Tuesday's and Garrett was born on a Monday...and tomorrow would be Monday as well:) 

(for those wondering, I was born on a Saturday and Joe was born on a Sunday- both in the overnight/early morning hours).

As for WHAT time I think he'll be born at....i don't have an exact time, but I have my prediction!  Sami and Garrett were both born in the early afternoon (Sami 1:38pm, and Garrett 12:40pm). Summer and Grace, both at night (Summer, 9;40pm and Grace 8:15pm)
So since we haven't had a morning baby, or  over night baby, that is my guess when I think he'll be born, which means i'd have to go into labor on my own....things aren't looking promising that this point in the evening for that to be happening....

As of now, (but it will probably change) my "scheduled" c-section is for March 11th now.... I wanted one of two doctors in the practice and this was the first day one of them would be on call at the hospital;  i'll be 37 weeks by then...the longest I have ever made it. 

I know I am lucky that I have made it this far considering my history, but I am also worried that since they are predicting him (and I know they could be wrong) to be so big that it will cause a lot of complications with me (and thus with him).  It know its better lung wise for him to stay put a little longer; but my biggest fear is that my uterus will rupture since I already have a window and its only 4mm thick in that area (get out a ruler and see how thin that is)  One strong kick by him in just the right area could make things end very badly.  The longer I stay pregnant, the thinner it gets....

to be continued.....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jonah's 2nd Annual EB Auction!!

Today is the beginning of the 2nd annual Jonah's EB Auction!  Everything gets underway tonight at 8pm EST!  Bidding will be open for 3 days and come to a close Sunday night (2/27) at 8pm EST.

You can find the auction here:

Happy Bidding!!!

All money raised goes to DebRA

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

anytime now?

I think the baby will be here anytime now (like in the next 1-2 days)  I am having some early signs of labor: more contractions that before, a lot of cramping, lack of interested in food, nausea and other details i'll spare you from knowing:) 

I had a non-stress test this morning and everything appeared fine but I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon (3:40) and am going to have the doctor check to see if i am dilated at all.   If I am and its more than 2-3cm, then I know we will be having a baby tomorrow!  Since mine is a repeat c-section they can't safely left me leave knowing I am dilated and could so into labor at anytime.  It would be too dangerous for me and the baby.  So right now its wait and see unless this baby decides to come on his own tonight. 

this isn't a good week for Joe or the person who is watching the girls while we are having the baby, but our kids never come when it convenient for anyone but themselves, so I don't expect this one to be any different!

I will keep you posted. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Medical Mystery

We have yet another child proving to be another medical mystery.  I had an ultra sound today.  I am carrying a 33 week baby with the head the size of a full term 38+ week baby.  And its just his head, the rest of him is in normal range.  And the doctor is worried.  They can't see any abnormalities in his brain that would explain his large size.  There are genetic conditions that could be causing this (EB not being one of them) but its not something we would find out until he is born.  He could also just have a large head and not actually have anything wrong with him.  Hopefully that is the case:)  In any event, this large of a head is going to make for a difficult delivery, even via c-section.  So as of now, he will be delivered around March 9th unless he decides to come before that.  I think it will be before then as he is putting a lot of pressure on my c-section scar and its about 4mm in thickness and I already have a small uterine window in that area.  Not uncommon in someone in my situation and the doctor thinks I should be able to make it for another 3 weeks.  But since the other 4 were born before their "scheduled" time, I really don't think this one will be any different:)

We are hoping he just has a large head (apparently my niece did too) so maybe it just runs in the family.

His stats:

Weight 5 pounds 12 oz (+/- 11oz) which makes him 36w2 days ( I am 33 weeks).  Based on previous measurements he is gaining roughly 1-2oz per day.  So another three weeks will probably put him in the 7-8 pounds range:) 

For comparison:
Sami born @ 34w and 5 lbs 6oz
Garrett born @ 35w4d and 5 lbs13oz
Summer born @ 36w and was 6 lbs 9oz
Grace born @ 35w2d and was 6 lbs 1oz 

anyone want to guess on when you think he'll be born and how much he'll weight???

Here is some pictures of him from today:

 Chubby nose and face

 no that is not a blister on his head or any type of mass.  just a reflection of some sort; its the only picture it showed up on.

 big foot:)

 he is going to have a lot of hair:)