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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Too many dates, kick counts and more things to worry about

When I first suspected I was pregnant I went to the doctor and they did an ultra sound...but didn't see anything so they assume I either a) I wasn't pregnant or b) a miscarriage was likely.  But for some reason they put in my chart, '4 weeks pregnant' and was given an EDD of 4/6/11.  Because my history of an ectopic pregnancy I was asked to return in 2 weeks to for another ultra sound to confirm either way; we did not want a repeat of last summer.  So I went back two weeks later and the doctor did another ultra sound and there appeared to be a baby and the doctor measured it to be about 7 weeks in age and gave me new due date of 4/1/11.  But for some reason it was never changed in my chart and "technically" my EDD is still 4/6/11 even though two doctors agreed I am further along than that.  Apparently 1 weeks isn't enough difference to make someone change my records.  So they on paper I am 27 weeks and 1 day pregnant, even though the doctor agreed I am more like 28 weeks (tomorrow).  So when people ask how far along I am, I tell them 28 weeks since that is what the doctor said and i'd believe him over an error on piece of paper!  

So today I had an appointment with the high risk OB and another ultra sound.  Baby boy's new nickname is BIG baby boy.  He is measuring in a 29 weeks and 3 days and a whopping 3 pounds!!!  So his due date is now March 21st but since I am so far along in the pregnancy they aren't going to change it but it will be kept into consideration when it comes time to deliver.  So that is the good news...but there is bad news...even in-utero our children like to keep us on our toes.  We got lots of great pictures of his little face and hands and feet and even the umbilical cord...which unfortunately is wrapped around his little neck:-(   That my friends earned me my first non-stress test of this pregnancy to be followed up by weekly ones till either the cord moves or he is born.  I also have to keep track (on paper) of how often he moves/kicks.  And if he doesn't move/kick enough within a certain period or moves too much (constantly, like he is trying to escape) I get to head to the hospital for another non-stress test and ultra sound.  If those determine he is in distress, an emergency c-section will be done regardless of how many weeks and days I am!

We are trying not to worry but considering everything we have been through, its very hard not to.  Hopefully he'll continue to move like he should and unwrap the cord himself sooner rather than later.  

Other than that, I am healthy, I passed my glucose testing (yea!!), all those contractions I have been having haven't affected my cervix and apparently all my pain I have been having is most likely Lupus related, which is good for the baby but bad for me since I was hoping all the pain would go away once he was born.  

I will post updates as things change.  

Here are some pictures from today:)


  1. Wow you got great 4D ultrasound pics! Prayers for you and your family \o/