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Friday, January 21, 2011

8 1/2 months

I am 8 1/2 months pregnant now....and if this little one follows in his siblings foot steps it is quite possible we will have a baby in the next 4-6 weeks!  I have a doctors appointment on Monday so hopefully we have a better idea of when they plan to delivery him. It would be nice for him to come when he is "scheduled" since we have no real plan in place if I go into labor on my own (i.e. who to call if I am home alone or who to watch the girls while we are at the hospital, or get them from school).  I do have a back up plan for Sami if I go into labor while she is in school but Summer is a bit more difficult to get from school and not just anyone can pick her up.  I went into labor with Sami and Garrett in the morning and they were born early afternoon.  Summer and Grace, I went into labor in the afternoon and they were born at night.  I suspect this one will be an early morning/middle of the night baby:)  I just hope I don't go into labor while at work...they would FREAK out!

His (no he doesn't have a name yet) clothes are washed, dried and put away, the hospital bags have been packed, wound care supplies (just in case) are ready to go.  Still need to put his bed together and write up instructions for the hospital if he is born with EB, and still need a few things, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, boy colored socks (I am not sure Joe will want him to wear pink and purple socks;) and a few more odds and ends.  He has a lot of clothes, as long as he is in the 5-7 pound range.  If we get into the 8-9+ range, I will need to go shopping!  We are using Garrett's things, but we didn't have a lot of things for him to begin with, especially clothes in the 6+ month range.

The girls are doing ok.  They only had 3 days of school this week (yea me!) so its been an adjustment for everyone to have all three of them home all day long.  

I am doing ok...getting very big, though there are people at work who JUST realized I am pregnant and think I am still very small.  While there are others who ask me all the time if I am having triplets!  My lupus has been giving me troubles, a lot of pain, rapid heart rate, extreme fatigue a lot of the time, so some days are more of a struggle than others.

Here is a pic of the big ol' belly for your view pleasure!

I will update again after my appointments next week.

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