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Monday, September 27, 2010

Long over due update!

Yea I know, its been awhile since I updated.  So here goes:)

Sami has been in 3rd grade for a month now and is doing ok so far.  She has a lot of homework each night which has been a struggle.  But she got the Principle Award already!!!  She loves her teacher and has many friends in her class.  She is also in Brownie's again this year and is loving that as well.

Summer enjoys Pre-K and is a TOTAL different child there than at home!  Which is good I suppose.  But we'd love a happy, quieter and more well behaved child at home too:)

Grace enjoys being an only child for 3 hours a day:)  She is talking more (though understanding her is another thing!)  She can't wait to go to school too. 

Joe is been busy at work.  His office just moved to a new location a few weeks ago.  So they are trying to get settled into their new place. 

I have been doing ok.  I started a new medication to keep the Lupus under control, but it takes 3-6 months before it fully takes affect.   I had to cut back on my hours at work due to my medication schedule and when I can eat, etc..  i can't eat with a certain amount of time either before or after my medication and can't take medication/vitamins within  a certain time of taking other medication.  Plus one of the medications upsets my stomach so I don't like to be at work when that happens.   I am currently battling a skin infection (a complication of one of the meds I am on) but other than that, I feel good for the most part.  Hopefully once the infection clears up i can actually have a PAIN FREE day!!

I saw the cardiologist last week and he thinks my heart is not affected at this time!!!  I have to have an echocardiogram in 2 weeks to make sure, but he isn't too concerned.    I get to see the eye doctor at the end of next week as one of medications can affect my eyes (not just my sight, but my eyes in general) 

I have also had a TON of blood work done in the past 6 weeks.  So far my kidneys seem to be working just fine!!  I am a little bit anemic so I get to take iron for that.  My blood sugar is all over the place a times, but another side effect of the medication.  My white blood cell count is a little high, also a side effect of the same medication.   Overall it seems my Lupus is what they call "inactive" at this time.  I have very little inflammation in my blood and all my organs seem to be working just fine.  Does this mean I actually have Lupus?  Its hard to tell.  There is no one blood test that says 'yes', but so far all blood tests point toward it. 

We also found out some other news in all my blood work...its not bad news (at least we don't think so)  some family and friends may think so, but what done is done and there is no turning back now.....

...apparently I have been drinking too much water at work.....

i'd like you to meet:

Baby Denslaw


Due Date: approximately April 1, 2011

Gender:  too soon to tell

But all things look good so far.  The baby and placenta are in a good spot.  All my "symptoms" are also side effects of Lupus and the medication I am on, so that is why the doctor's did think to check for this before recently! 

In addition to the chance of having EB, the baby has a chance of being born with Lupus and a congenital heart defect (due to some of my positive blood work)  The risk is very small, about 5% for the Lupus and heart issues.  Its about 50% for the EB, but lets just say EB would be the "better" of the three possibilities.    Of course we are hoping for a healthy baby, but of the three, EB would be the least of the baby's problems. 

Well that is about it for now! 

I'll try to update more, especially on the baby.  I have another appointment in 4 weeks and we should know the gender by then as well as the status of the baby's heart. 

Oh and for those DYING to know, this WILL BE the last baby, even if its another girl!